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Hytera Kok
As a professional repeater built to compliant to the open ETSI DMR standard, Hytera RD985 integrates user concerns and actual requirements. Distinguished by modularized design with large-size color display and built-in duplexer, excellent heat dissipation and handy management, the repeater delivers you more than reliability!
Hytera Kok
RD985 is compatible with current analog system which enables smooth communications between analog radio and digital one. It allows you to benefit from the cutting-edge digital technology while make the most of the existing analog system. Featured with TDMA two-time slot, and 50W RF output power, the repeater brings you all that you can expect in digital!
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Hytera RD985 in Applications
  • IP Multi-site Connect Application
  • IP Multi-site Connect is a function, which enables repeaters in different areas to switch data, voice and packets over a TCP/IP based network.
    Learn more about Hytera IP Multi-site Connect Application
  • Remote Diagnosis & Control Application
  • Repeater Diagnostics and Control (RDAC) is a PC-based application that allows a system operator to diagnose or control the repeater.
    Learn more about Hytera Remote Diagnosis & Control Application
  • Back to Back Application
  • The "back to back" is a system solution based on accessory pin. It is used to achieve cross-band communication among analog and digital terminals.
    Learn more about Hytera Back to Back Appliction

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    Hytera DMR Solution for Shanghai Fairmont Peace Hotel
    In the course of daily operation, the Peace Hotel realizes that customer calls are often ignored due to busy work at that moment, and afterwards, the employees are inclined to forget them ...

    Hytera Wins DMR Bid in Kazakhstan

    Hytera DMR Solution for Hefei Urban Management
    Urban Management Bureau of Hefei, a provincial capital of China, wants to accelerate its digitalization and build a rapid, efficient communications commanding system with full coverage of the whole city, achieving coordinated and standardized ...


    Hytera TETRA Solution Serves Public Security

    Hytera DMR Solution Supports China Open

    Hytera Offers TETRA Solution for Asian Games 2010

    DMR IP Connection Secures Governmental Project Hytera Communications Corporation Limited
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