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Wireless Video Transmission System

VS-5700 wireless video transmission system brings an on-site transmission system...


Technical Highlights

(1) NLOS(non-line-of-sight) Transmission
VS-5700 adopts COFDM(Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed) modulation scheme, which involves advanced technologies like orthogonal multi-carrier, to achieve capabilities of multi-path interference resistance, long NLOS transmission distance, superior diffraction and penetration performance. It is ideal for use in NLOS environment like high-density urban areas, forest and mountainous regions.
(2) High Quality Image
VS-5700 can even transmit at a rate of 25 fps(frame per second), bring you outstanding image quality. A flexible and adaptive coding method can ensure consistent and coherent images, even under abominable or poor transmission environment. The image can remain its high definition and fluency on large-size LCD in the command center.
(3) Receiving Steadily in High-Speed Movement
VS-5700 can realize a high speed of 300 KM/h. Due to COFDM modulation scheme, signals can be transmitted steadily. Therefore, VS-5700 can be mounted on high-speed vehicles like cars or helicopters.
(4) High Privacy
VS-5700 adopts 128-bit AES encryption standard to encrypt TS stream and maintain high privacy.
(5) Analog & Digital Video Output
All the receivers of VS-5700, there are analog and digital video output interface.
(6) LVDS Cascade
In big area coverage application, all the video, audio and other data transfer in IP data, it can reduce the amount of A/D conversions to insure the image quality.
(7) Base-station Remote Management
By using Hytera Base-station Remote Management Software, it can inquire the status of base-station transmitter and base-station receiver, also can adjust the parameters of base-station transmitter and base-station receiver.
System Applications
(1) Mobile Command
At sudden incidents or occur, the emergency vehicles can not get into the spot, in such cases, VS-5700 can be carried by a person into the spot to collect the information. Through the vehicle receiver, all situations can be learned on a real-time basis, and an on-site mobile command system can be established to resolve the incident.
(2) Dispatching Vehicle Repeater
In areas beyond the base station coverage, VS-5700 mounted on a dispatching vehicle can transmit the front-line video to the command center, so as to realize wider communication coverage and to achieve remote monitor.
(3) Base Station Networking
Locate the receivers at several high places (the exact number of such places depends on the actual coverage) across the city. In case of security activities or sudden incidents, VS-5700 can realize real-time monitor of the progress.
Application Fields
Accident rescue, criminal investigation, field operations, firefighting services, police services, transport rescue, oil field, mine, railway, justice system, power authority, etc.


All specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development.

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