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  • Daqing Police, China
    Hytera Provided DMR Trunking System to Daqing Public Security Bureau.
  • Municipality of Konya, Turkey
    Turkish National Police upgrades the security level with Hytera X1e in 2012 after the...
  • Malaysia Security Agency
    Hytera solved the Malaysia security agencies communications problems with ahomogenous...
  • National Police of Peru
    Hytera is leading the way with its advanced technology in the Latin American TETRA...
Field officer communication
Help police officers to handle daily work efficiently and safely.
Fire Alarm Response
Give firefighters complete and reliable communication support and keep them safe.
Intelligent Command & Control Center
Integrate and share real-time information across departments, and ensure fast dispatching and deployment.
Disaster and Emergency Response
Set up on-site Command & Control center whenever and wherever it is required.