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1. Be familiar with function and use; 2. Be able to diagnose common malfunction;
3. Be able to programming;
4. Be able to do disassembly, replacement and assembly;
5. Be able to do software upgrading, tuning and basic testing.
1. Be able to analyze circuit, diagnosing and solve common troubleshooting based on Associate level. 
2. Be able to do self-repairing with the guidance of service manual.
3. With some soldering skills (not including BGA parts).
4. Be able to use multi-meter test voltage, current, resistance and other parameters.
5. Be able to finish testing of technical specification.
1. Meet the above Associate and Professional standards.
2. Good ability of soldering, proficient in various soldering tools and can solder BGA chips.
3. Be able to finish repairing products and solving some difficult problems.
4. Proficient in circuit principle, have good ability to analyze circuit guiding repairing. 
5. Proficient in using various maintenance tools and testing instruments.