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Integrated Communications Vehicle

Communication Integration and Vehicle Refitting Solution Casting Military Quality

Based on abundant multi-system self-developed private network communication devices and the industry-leading private network communication technology, Hytera provides users with mature communication integration and vehicle refitting solution. Committed to military quality, technological advantages and military-civilian integration, the company, by introducing Hytera’s advanced management and R&D advantages in technology, goes along the road of the military-civilian integration development starting from the fundamental interests of users and the society, and is dedicated to the refitting of special-purpose vehicles in firefighting command, flood prevention command, communication command and emergency communication, etc. for a long time. Meanwhile, the company owns rich experiences in the aspect of information system integration to drive the communication vehicle to develop towards the directions of integration, all-in-one function and equipment modernization.

Customer Challenges

Need to meet the requirements of chassis refitting and system integration qualification and vehicle license.
Need a set of technically advanced, efficient and reasonable, high-mobility, highly reliable, full-featured, flexibly on-site networking, safe and strong-privacy, resources-sharing emergency mobile command platform.
Not only reasonable layout, but environment-friendly and comfortable, user-friendly, approaching the actual needs of customers

Hytera Advantages

Front-end and Back-end All-in-one Command

From mobile base station, on-site networking, overall guarantee to overall video and audio integration, conduct all-in-one command and dispatch and provide users with advanced on-site emergency communication command solution domestically. All-in-one manufacturing, all-in-one integration, all-in-one after-sale services help to solve all worries for customers.

On-site Converged Communication

Converge broad-band and narrow-band combining on-board mobile systems, combine communication platforms on the scene, conduct on-site networking for comprehensive transmission system, integrate multiple communication links such as public network, private network, LTE and satellite, interconnect, complement, fully combine the video, audio and data communication services to fully meet the requirements of on-site command and dispatch.

Flatness of Command and Dispatch

Provide flattening command and dispatch solution for command center, emergency response and mobile front end. Using the converged communication technology and combining the command and dispatch platform, provide flattening command and dispatch solution for each level of users.

High Scalability, Modular Design

With the thinking of modular design, all core systems can be used independently and portably. The communication expansion interface is reserved to facilitate users to build up the on-site command headquarter at any time, all-in-one and multipurpose, convenient and flexible.

Good Artificial Engineering and Operation Comfort

To use the emergency communication vehicle properly, you should configure relatively more operation devices and consider the installation of multiple devices. In design, these devices should be concentrated for arrangement as much as possible to be easy to operate. Monitoring devices should be refitted according to the actual needs of users to be easy to observe and operate and be personalized and humanized from the perspective of daily use and maintenance.

Certain Scalability or Replaceability

With the development of the era, E-communication devices are updated rapidly. To effectively meet the requirement of the actual application of the emergency communication vehicle, the selected devices must have extensible space and can be substituted at any time. Reasonable or commutated modes are needed to make transition or complete unified design to be easy for subsequent device change, thus saving the cost of device upgrade significantly to reduce the design cost.

Good Cost Performance, Reliability and Advancement

As a one-off big-investment product, the emergency communication vehicle must have good cost performance in the overall solution. Under the precondition of meeting all functions, unnecessary facilities and assemblies should be reduced as much as possible. In the overall solution design, we must ensure certain advancement and consider the difficulty of the application and implementation of new devices, new materials and new processes in the product.

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