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Communication Command Vehicle

Based on self-developed private network communication equipment as well as leading private network communication technologies, and by virtue of advanced management and technical R&D advantages, Hytera devotes itself to the communication integration services for the public security, fire fighting, emergency (government emergency, electric power, civil air defense, and safety supervision), operator, forestry, petrochemistry, radio and television, and other industries. Hytera also has rich experience in vehicle refitting and can drive the overall solutions developing toward mobility, integration, and modernization.


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The solution can provide a variety of chassis and allows customizing multiple types of compartments as required. It provides the work environment for power supply and distribution, shielding, heat dissipation, vibration-absorbing, and other equipment as well as the constant-temperature, ventilation, lighting, and table and chair environment for personnel operations, thereby ensuring the security and reliability in line with requirements for on-board equipment.

· SUV or pickup
· Using electric generators and mains supply for power supply
· Using the universal chassis of Prado, Haval H9, Ford F150, and Navara

· Van-type truck or van
· Using EDM for power supply or connected to the mains supply
· Using the universal chassis of Mercedes sprinter, Ford Transit, Yutong T7, and Iveco

· Large-sized Type-2 full-trailer or semi-trailer
· Customizable two-side sliding and flat floor
· Using electric generators for power supply or connected to the mains supply
· Automatic leveling system
· Providing daily life necessities
· Using the universal chassis of Benz, MAN, Volvo, Scania, and Sitrak trucks

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