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Smart Accessories

Highly reliable, humanized and portable smart accessories

The proper working of a private network communication system relies on the smooth cooperation between main equipment and accessories. The current problem that customers are facing is how to purchase accessories most suitable for main equipment. In virtue of its over 20-year experience in private network communications and incisive understanding of industrial customers, Hytera, through its smart accessory product lines, is able to provide customers with a full range of customized, humanized and smart accessory equipment, including the battery, power supply and audio equipment. These will perfectly match customers’ main equipment to ensure reliable and safe running of communication systems.

Customer Challenges

Reliable connections with main equipment to realize rapid communications and stable cooperation.
Easy for wearing and featured by light weight and small size.
Adaptable to different scenarios and customers’ diversified and individualized needs.
Combine the IoT technology to smartly sense the surrounding environment and collect environmental information.Make a quick proposal for optimal solutions to the situation to guarantee users’ safe use.
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Hytera Advantages

Have Over 20 Years of Experience in Private Network Communications

With over 20 years of work experience in the industry, Hytera is fairly familiar with user requirements so that its product design is closer to user habits. For different industries and scenarios, Hytera can provide elaborately customized fittings, which are a perfect match for its walkie-talkie, communications vehicle and other equipment, to deliver more comfortable user experience.

Conduct Fully Independent R&D that Ensures a Perfect Match for Main Equipment

Thanks to its independent R&D, Hytera can design an accessory based on the architecture of customers’ main equipment from the very beginning. In the test phase, the accessory can be also coordinated with the main equipment to finish the test and ensure reliable connections and seamless matching. Particularly, the battery has the anti-fake and identification function, which guarantees its authenticity and the entire stable running of a system.

Enrich the Functions of Main Equipment

Hytera’s flexible and diversified accessories have largely expanded the functions of main equipment. In addition to original basic functions such as calls, the system now is improved and able to carry out battery status analysis, night watch and punch in, vehicle operating matching and more to make users’ work more efficient.

Integrate Multiple Functions into One Device to Relieve Law Enforcement

Adopting minimalist design, Hytera’s smart law enforcement recorder combines a law enforcement recorder with a shoulder phone to relieve the burden brought by multiple devices. Moreover, the recorder can transmit live pictures to the control center in real time. With its easy use and portability, users can finish their tasks quickly, efficiently and safely.

Utilize Big Data Analysis to Make Equipment Smarter

Hytera’s accessories are growing smarter. As soon as a law enforcement officer draws the gun, the intelligent holster will automatically interconnect with other related devices to record the entire law enforcement process. Another example is the environment sensing device used to comprehensively analyze the user’s personal status and surrounding environment. Based on the data analysis, the back-end control center can quickly suggest the user to take a rational action and ensure personal safety.

Make the Optimal Proposal for Accessory Purchase

In virtue of its extensive application experience in the industry, Hytera provides a package solution to equipping customers’ main equipment with collaborative accessories. There is no need for customers to find spare parts by their own because Hytera’s solution helps them streamline procurement and guarantees high reliability in the meantime.

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