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Indoor Positioning System

Precise and Comprehensive Positioning System that Realizes Efficient Management of Multiple Indoor and Outdoor Scenarios

The indoor positioning system is an important part of industrial IoT construction. The construction for indoor positioning systems will improve the informatization and intelligence of an industry. By monitoring the position of personnel, vehicles, equipment and more, the IoT can improve an industry’s capabilities of abnormal detection, prevention, alarming, and quick responses, by working with the command and scheduling system, camera video monitoring system and other IoT information resources such as the fire fighting system and access control system. This will greatly accelerate the handling of urgent accidents and significantly elevate the management capability and efficiency of an industry.

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iBeacon positioning system

LPWAN communications technology plus Bluetooth positioning technology is a revolutionary indoor positioning system in the industry. It is applicable to mobile asset management, visitor management and children disappearance prevention.

Terminal autonomous positioning system

Based on terminal devices like the mobile phone, the system provides low-cost convenient positioning, navigation and marketing services. It is applicable to indoor positioning and navigation, intra-hospital electronic clinic guide, smart parking in the underground lot, and information push.

Bluetooth gateway positioning system

The system supports ultra-long standby time and networkwide equipment management. It is applicable to personnel supervision and exhibition hall visit statistics.


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Hytera Advantages

Extensive software functions

realize intelligent management and services

Real time positioning

check the real time position of a person or object to realize efficient management and scheduling of personnel and materials


provide the real case demonstration system and the field experience positioning system to clearly check positioning effects

Data analysis

comprehensively collect visitor behaviour information to draw user profiles and provide precise marketing data

Information Push

Regional information push, online and offline interactive marketing (such as stores, supermarket activities, scenic tours, etc.)

Historical trail

check the moving trail of a person or object to trace and analyze historical trails

Electronic fence

works as a jailer for regional control to ensure the safety of personnel, materials and the region

Video linkage

trigger real time video images in case of alarm to timely get to know the situation of the person or object positioned on the spot

Accurate navigation

support accurate route planning and real-time navigation on multiple terminals

Integrated equipment management

easily manage all positioning equipment and support fast deployment, efficient patrols and convenient maintenance

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