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RF Conditioning Products

Sinclair offers a full range of filter products for various applications in public safety and other industries. For complex or unique requirements our products can be quickly customized by our experienced in-house design team.

· Transmitter combiner                    · Cavity Filters

· Multiband combiner                      · Intermod Suppression Panels

· Duplexer                                         · Lump Element Filters

· Receiver Multicoupler             · Hybrid Couplers

· Pre-selector                                   · Isolators


Typical Products

TJ3x1y-R-z Series Transmitter Combiners

· Covers 330 to 512 MHz
· Low insertion loss, high isolation, and high-power rating
· Uses high 'Q' 1/4 wave bandpass cavity filters
· Allows for minimum Tx - Tx spacings of 200 kHz
· Expandable for more channels


Q3220E Series Duplexers

· Two models cover the entire 300 - 512 MHz band
· 5 MHz spacing with ≥ 75 dB isolation and ≤0.8 dB insertion loss
· Compact design for space saving


RM Series Receiver Multicouplers

· Various models for VHF, UFH and 7/8/900 MHz band
· Support up to 16 receivers
· Low noise figure for optional clarity of signal
· Compact 1U height design for space saving


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