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R&D Structure

2013-09-26 18:04:41.0

 Hytera is committed to creating value for customers through innovation. We invest over 10% of our sales income in R&D, and over 10% of such investment is allocated for research of cutting-edge, core and basic technologies. Currently, we have about 800 R&D employees, more than 88% of whom hold bachelor degrees, and more than 20% hold master degrees. Our R&D employees work in the two major places: the Shenzhen R&D Center and Harbin Research Institute.

The employees in the Shenzhen R&D Center specialize in research and development of government and industry communication terminals, commercial communication terminals, new technologies and new applications. It boasts a series of professional communication laboratories and equipment, including high frequency, digital, and general standard labs. The Shenzhen Government gave the honorary title to the center as "Shenzhen Engineering and Technology Center" in 2004. By focusing on dedicated wireless communication technologies for more than a decade, the Shenzhen R&D Center has developed portable radios, mobile radios, repeaters, multi-mode terminals, video dispatch systems, and other products and solutions. The center's solution portfolio includes analog and digital products, which have been applied in commercial and public security scenarios. It is one of the few engineering technology centers in the world that can simultaneously meet digital standards as DMR, TETRA, PDT etc.

The Harbin Research Institute focuses on research and development of trunking communication systems, mobile data transmission systems and trunking mobile terminals, as well as establishment of related standards and storage of cutting-edge technologies. Based on the leading MPT trunking technologies, the institute emphasizes on research and development of PDT (Police Digital Trunking) systems, digital simulcast systems, nationally significant Broadband Multimedia Trunking System (MTS), and other new-generation trunking communication systems and terminals. In December 2009, it secured 18,864 square meters of land in Harbin, on which it plans to construct internationally leading research and development base for professional wireless communication products.

Currently the R&D team has established a whole set of customer-oriented, end-to-end R&D management processes. The team strives to develop a full understanding of the difficulties and challenges that customers face before they can solve them. Through proactive technical planning and research, Hytera applies mature technologies to products and solutions, and creates value for customers with its innovative applications. Hytera has developed unique technical and product advantages through persistent diligence. Notably, it is the proud recipient of provincial and national product awards for ten projects. Hytera has repeatedly won national and international design prizes such as "Red Dot"  and "G-Mark", and owns over 50 global inventions and patents, with another 70 applications in progress. In 2009, it passed CMMI Level 3 Certification.

On the basis of its Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Hytera extensively cooperates with domestic and international universities, research organizations and enterprises. Currently, the company is involved in over 10 cooperative projects, one of which is a major national technical project. Hytera and the Harbin Institute of Technology have jointly established a trunking communication laboratory, and Hytera has founded the Digital Relay Association (DRA) with the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, and the Shenzhen Association of Standardization. It has also developed technologies and products in cooperation with various companies, including EADS and NEC. Hytera actively participates in different global standardization organizations and associations, and is a member of the Association of Public Safety communication Officials (APCO), Terrestrial Trunked Radio Memorandum of Understanding (TETRA MoU), Digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR), Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), China Association for Standardization (CAS), and Shenzhen Radio Association (SRA). It also either participates in or presides over the establishment of a number of national and industrial standards.

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