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We pursue dreams in the Hytera Innovation Center, and we are an energetic, unique and passionate team working toward a common goal, that is, providing our users with the best-in-class communication solutions. Thus, we equally address sense and sensibility, contention and compromise, as conflicts inspire innovations.

User research engineer: I must be proactive, talkative and quick-sighted, because my job is to observe and interview users and collect user requirements. This is the first step for my job.
Interactive designer: To ensure that we provide user-friendly products, I must design and verify the usability of products, especially specialized communication products, in terms of ergonomics and human factors.
General designer: I must set the design direction and integrate technology with design. To make products reliable, I must be creative and cautious, and adept at creating designs proof against dust, water and shock, which underpins the design for specialized communication products.
Industrial designer: After an interactive solution is specified, I will seek an appropriate appearance design style that is innovative and retains the unique attributes of Hytera, aiming to provide competitive products.
UI designer: I must work with software engineers to make product functions available on the interface. We avoid errors in visual design or operational procedures to save time for users.