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Positioning System

2013-09-27 16:18:45.0

 In the location system, the GPS RX module in the radio receives GPS information (including latitude, longitude, altitude, time, speed), providing basic location data source for the system. Then the received location information is transmitted to the console in control center over the wireless air interface; finally to PC via the USB cable. PC can communicate with any radio in the wireless radio network. For example, it can request any radio in the system to send its location information.

There are two types of reporting: periodical reporting and single reporting. When the radio is in an emergency, it can send its GPS information to PC, for the dispatcher to arrange rescue according to the location.  

Figure 1 Architecture for the Location Protocol

The radio communicates with PC via the Hytera Location Protocol (LP) (see Figure 1). This protocol allows the information to be transmitted in the radio network over the public air interface, and between PC and the console via the USB cable.

Hytera provides PC-based application development platform, for which the LP interface is already realized. The client can integrate the application system into the Hytera radio system via the LP interface. For example, Hytera location service can be integrated into the client professional location system, such as automatic vehicle dispatching system, and patrol commanding system etc.

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