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2013-09-27 16:51:29.0

The Hytera telemetry ADK is a telemetry application system developed on the PC and based upon the Hytera radio system. Through this interface, the PC application system can monitor the information input into the Hytera radio and control its output. For example, it can monitor the input/output state of the radio’s general purpose input/output (GPIO) interface. Users connect the sensor to the GPIO interface of the radio. Thus, the radio can detect the changes in the sensor, and send the related data to the monitoring center through the wireless air interface. In this way, the operator in the monitoring center can clearly know the sensor status in real time.

Figure 5 Architecture for the Telemetry Protocol


As shown in Figure 5, the telemetry function is implemented through the Hytera-defined Telemetry Protocol (TP). The TP is an application protocol based on the UDP/IP. Protocol data is transferred in the wireless network through the CAI, and between the PC in the control center and the console via the USB.  

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