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Hytera actively explore overseas service Powerfully Build Localized service system

2014-02-11 16:18:29.0

Recently, in order to further intensify the strength of overseas service, in-depth understand the market, and provide technical support for overseas high-end customers and key industry partners, Hytera (Original HYT) organized a service team that including the Vice Director of Global Customer Service Center, Senior trainers, and business key members from Overseas Sales Department went to the Turkey, making a 15-days technical service training for local customers. This visiting and training not only enable customers to have a better understanding of the company's products, improving maintenance skills, but also deepen customers' awareness for Hytera's brand, build stable bases for local service system through carefully, considerately service, closely contacting with customers, actively visiting, and taking the initiative to collect feedback from customers.

In recent years, Hytera develop rapidly that have made great achievements in the technical quality and after-sales service. In terms of product quality, TETRA and DMR both have made technical breakthroughs. For the service, Hytera not only sell products, but also provide a set of high quality and efficient after-sales and value-added service. Especially in the overseas after-sales service system, Hytera achieved the comprehensive coverage in key sales service network and ability by a deep understanding of various markets, integration of various resources, increased training certification, remote technical support and supplies, To allow customers to enjoy more timely and effective services, according personalized service demanding of overseas regional customers, through building local service network, in order to establish dominant position of local service.

The company's leadership and all departments showed great attention to this visiting to overseas high-end users and key industry partners for technical training. In addition, service teams have made full preparations that do a lot of new research and exploration in the teaching content and teaching form. This training is mainly aimed at technical backbone of local industry users and key distributors that more than 60 persons. The design of training course combined the regional markets environment with trainee characteristics, and made great planning and preparation to provide all-around training that include the theory, maintenance, repair skills, experience and so on. According to preliminary demand for research and customer requirements, the training team selected the key points to demonstrate and explain the features, circuit analysis, common failures, programming operation, networking and case analysis of TC-780, TM800K, TR820 series of product. It has made the trainee deeply understand the company's product technologies and maintenance practices, and improve their capacity to solve practical problems on site.

 It is worth mentioning that, to ensure having great result of this training, the training team during the training not only addition to previously prepared training materials, schematic diagram, atlas, maintenance manuals and other related information bind into books or imprint disc for trainees to provide them much help for using latest product, understanding service skills, but also according the actual situation specially arranged two hours night 20:00-22:00 for Q&A and communication time every day to ensure trainees have enough time to communicate with engineers with all the problems to understand the present by reviewing the past and apply their knowledge. At the same time, the service team is also connect with Hytera's digital products, new strategies, new brands and new image to arrange related course that make customers to have a comprehensive understanding with the company's development history, product strength, corporate culture, after-sale service and development prospect and to enhance customers' confidence.

Through strict written and practical examination, Hytera has granted a total of 53 excellent students’ completion certificate in this training. The trainees gave widely praises to the variety of training content, systemic and practical expertise, humorous and funny live explain, lively teaching style. In the last of the communication talks, a user lead who had attended the training immediately indicates that Hytera company's strength, and corporate culture has attracted him deeply, and had negotiated with their overseas service Deputy Director-General to determine its direct customer service channel and service ways with the Hytera. Local sales total generation leaders also expressed themselves to learn the Hytera's management and service concept, and put forward many constructive comments on large project and channel service in 2010, for better serve the market and users in future.

Hytera's after-sale administrator introduced that, this visiting is a useful experiment that Hytera expand overseas after-sales service positively, and it is also one important step for localization services. The future Hytera will take more variety of ways both in the service plan and service model to strengthen and improve overseas "localization" after-sales service system. In addition for trying to provide more attentive and satisfactory service for users and distributors and based on strengthen the after-sale service ability of distributors to satisfy the user's demand better. It is known that Hytera's overseas service team will continue to arrange the visiting of technical training outside and make it better.

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