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GCSC In Indonesia

2014-02-11 16:18:23.0

From Aug. 7 to Aug. 23 in 2008, the overseas service engineer of GCSC of Hytera held trainings on Hytera product functions and maintenance techniques for 17 days to local all-levels agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first authorized maintenance station named RAMA was set up there. All of that further improves the after-sales service system of Indonesia.

In recent years, Hytera keeps developing rapidly and vigorously. Great accomplishment has been made in the aspect of technical quality, after-sales service and many others. Hytera consistently pursues its service concept “deliver more satisfaction to our customers”, and concentrates on the construction and consummation of channels and after-sales service system. Hytera not only provides various kinds of productions, but also provides after-sales service with high quality and efficiency, continuously offering support and holding training on marketing skills, maintenance techniques and routine management etc. to all-levels dealers.

Jakarta is considered as the main market of Hytera products, it is self-evident that the establishment and improvement of local after-sales service system is totally important. To better develop Hytera’s market in Indonesia, according to the requirements of all-levels dealers, the overseas service engineer of Customer Service Department held trainings, which includes the introduction of product function and maintenance techniques training, on mobile radio TM-800 and portable radios, like TC-500, TC-600 and TC-700 to let the technicians of agencies know and master more technical knowledge.

Additionally, according to the condition of RAMA’s present equipments and apparatuses for maintenance, as well as maintenance techniques, the engineer of Hytera authorized it as the first authorized station in Indonesia after on-site inspection, and decided to set it up formally in Sep. 1, 2008.

It is a positive attempt for Hytera to hold trainings on techniques to Indonesian agencies and establishing the first authorized maintenance station there after Hytera takes active move in overseas after-sales service. It is a sign for the further improvement of after-sales service system in Indonesia. From now on, Hytera is to take manifold ways to improve overseas after-sales service system to deliver more thoughtful service to customers and agencies. The ultimate aim of enhancing the after-sales service ability of agencies is to better meet the need of customers and make the products of Hytera spread through the whole world, leading Hytera to world.

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