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GCCS in Vietnam

2014-02-11 16:18:03.0

Hytera has earned an international reputation for product maintenance, technical support, spare parts supplying, technical solution providing and technical training, also in Vietnam. And at the same time, Hytera dealers in Vietnam give a new request for the life-cycle of Hytera products.

29th, June, 2008, two specialists provided a seven-day technical training and discussed after-sales service solution of Vietnam market in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam for the technical engineers.

This technical training consists of hours of classroom instructions, work-based practicing in Lab, and Q&A, it was an instruction to TC-700, TC-500, TC-610/620 and TM-610/600 and circuit learning & analysis, trouble shootings etc. Benefiting from the training course, the customers received a comprehensive understanding to the maintenance of Hytera products in complex situations, and a better understanding to Hytera services and products.

This business trip in Vietnam is not only for training but also for after-sales service system establishing and visited Hytera end-user to deliver more satisfaction. And we also get more information from the end-users, such as the advice for Hytera products. This trip boots the reputation of Hytera up to a high level in Vietnam, and the chief engineer highlighted the training on his conversation with our engineers at the end of the training, which said "Hytera is the best provider of professional wireless communication. It’s a very rare thing like this support from other providers. Thank you very much, thanks Hytera very much." And some customers expressed that Hytera Overseas Customer Service reassured them the use of the products.

This business trip in Vietnam is a big step of Hytera, and we believe that we can achieve more!


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