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Hytera 2008 Annual Conference for Chinese Distributors

2013-09-27 17:33:17.0

Hytera 2008 Annual Conference for Chinese Distributors was successfully held in Bali, Indonesia from 24th to 26th, February, 2008. This is the 2nd times of worldwide conference for Chinese Distributors.

Hytera kept a harmony relationship with distributors all around china to communicate with each other. At the conference, the CEO & President Mr. Qingzhou Chen have had a warm discussion with the distributed partners about future of Hytera, Global brand building, customer service supplying, HR and many other aspects. Furthermore, Mr. Chen claims that Hytera will do its best to be an international innovative high-tech enterprise. And the point has been taken and appreciates by all the presents.

As reported, Hytera held a banquet to show the appreciation to all the partners and commended the Best Distributed Partners of 2008.

The officer declares that Hytera has improved products R&D and selling mode to supply more effective customize products & services for enhance the Technical cooperation & training communication with distributed partners. And all the improvement and innovation shows that Hytera immigrates more and more concepts and marketing modes from aboard to accommodate the current and future market.

With all the experience earning from 2007, Hytera will be further win-win cooperation with partners. Enhancing the communication and cooperation with the partners, Hytera will combine the channel development and self-development together to promote a sound future of the entire industry.

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