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How to Order Spare Parts from Hytera Global Customer Service Center

2013-09-27 17:57:18.0

1. Purpose
This instruction aims to let you know how to order spare parts from Hytera Global Customer Service Center.

2. The documents you may need from Hytera when you want to order spare parts
„ The <Recommended Spare Parts List> which released by Hytera Global Customer Service Center.
„ Service manual of Hytera radio.
3. The lead time of Hytera spare parts
„ Hytera Global Customer Service Center always desires to provide you the spare part you need on time. Get to know the lead time of our spare parts would be helpful for both Hytera and you to arrange the best shipments for them.
„ The lead time below is the period between the day Hytera GCSC receive your spare order and the day your spare parts are ready in Hytera. The delivery time from China to your country is not included. For the spare parts out of stock, normally Hytera GCSC needs one month to prepare them.
„ The 4 kinds of spare parts’ lead time is different:

4. The document you need to fill(you can find a sample at the end of this instruction)
„ Spare parts order form
5. How to fill the Spare parts order form
„ The Spare Part Order template includes three parts: basic information, order content and additional requirement.
„ Basic information: You need to fill your Company/Contact/Address/Tel/Email information. The address you filled would be the shipping address by default.

„ Please fill the Issue Date/Shipping Method you choose. There are two kinds of shipping method:
1) Choose Air/Sea, you order will be shipped with your radio shipment.
2) Choose Express, your order will be delivered by Express Delivery.

„ If you get the detailed information of the spare parts from the <Recommended Spare Parts List>, please fill in the below details:
3) Model/Material No. /Description are necessary information you need to fill, you can find them from <Recommended Spare Parts List>.

„ If you get the details of spare parts from <Service Manual> and don’t know the description of the parts, here is an example.
This is a TC-500 service manual, you need a component L16 locate in B4H, here the method of how to find it.

1) L16’s address is B4H. (B indicates Bottom, T indicates Top /4 indicates the fourth row/H indicates H column.)
2) Search L16 in service manual you will find its material No below.

3) Now you can fill this information into the spare parts form. And you can mention its address in Note row.

„ If you need order PCB(main unit without aluminum chassis) from Hytera, because PCB has different versions, so following information is very important for us to confirm which one is you need, item 1)  SN is must filled information. If you don’t have SN, please fill item 2) to item 4) into the Note row of the spare parts order, too.
1) SN
2) Frequency range 
3) 5-Tone or 2 Tone 
4) Firmware version
Please kindly note that the MOQ of PCB (main unit without aluminum chassis) are 2pcs.

„ If you need the MCU for Analog products, please provide the firmware version you required.

Note: Only the programmed MCU could be formally used in the analog product, e. g. 3609003000030 [Moisture-proof] MCU(programmed) UPD78F0511GB-UES-A 8-bit 1.8V 20MHz 85℃ LQFP-44 NEC (RoHS)
„ If you need electronic version service manual, you can contact your service engineer for it directly. If you need paper version service manual, please provide us its Model/5 Tone or 2 Tone versions.
„ If you are the ODM customer of Hytera which may have the customized product, when you place the front case kit order, please let us know your special logo (label), and please provide the relevant previous PO# in Note row for reference.
„ If you have additional requirement, please remark in the below blank:

6. After we receive your spare parts order, we will check every item and if we find there is anything unclear we will confirm with you again.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
„ Tel: +86-755-26972999-2584 or +86-755-26972999-2586.
„ Email:overseas.spareparts@hytera.com

Hytera spare parts order sample:

You may download from here for Chinese Version and English Version.




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