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Hytera Tetra Training Brought Timely Help for Thai Customer

2014-03-27 09:45:23.0

 Nowadays, Hytera Tetra products are widely used all over the world. With the increasing sales in Southeast Asia, the demand from customers for Tetra technology is also increasing. In January 2014, a customer from Thailand bought 300 Tetra terminals that need to be detected and programmed for users. Due to the high demand for programming, Customers need Hytera Engineers to provide on-site training urgently.

Hytera Global Customer Service Center responded positively to this Thai customer. At the end of January, we held a two-day on-site training on Tetra terminals in Bangkok. The training program consists of: the introduction to PT580H and MT680's function, programming introduction, test/calibration, radio disassembling/assembling and troubleshooting. The training received great feedbacks from customers, and 300 Tetra terminals were successfully-delivered.

Customers were quite satisfied with the training, their comments as below:

Instructor       “Very good clarify to the participant”

Material        “Proper with objective”

For the whole program we are quite satisfied with the supports.

As shown below, Hytera engineer was discussing with customers about Tetra product features.

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