1) Elasticity wire design for convenient adjustment of the length;
2) Ergonomic structure design for long wear;
3) Reliable PU wire designed with bullet-proof material, Kevlar,
4) Soft earset made of TPE materials without hurting the skin.

Speaker specifications:
Sound Pressure Level: 115±3dB@1KHz (finished product)
Power: 50mW(rated)/100mW(max)
Impedance: 150Ω±15%@1kHz

TC-268S,TC-368S,TC-270,TC-370, TC-518,TC-600,TC2110,TC2108,TC-700,TC-780M,TC3000,TC3600,TC3600M,TC-610,TC-620,TC-780,TC-700P,TC-610P,TC-880GM,TC-580,TC-446S,POWER446,TC-508,PD780,PD700,PT580H,PT580,X1e and X1p