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ACCESSNET®-T IP Digital Integrated Base Station

The DIB-R5 base station family is a constituent of the TETRA mobile radio system ACCESSNET-T IP and ensures the powerful and reliable mobile radio coverage of a specific area.


TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) capability

ACCESSNET®-T IP supports integrated Voice and Data services from the beginning. Many mission-critical data applications have already been realized with ACCESSNET®-T IP.

Today, we perceive more demanding data applications requiring higher data throughput. TEDS is our answer to this requirement and it is fully supported by the DIB - R5 family.

With adaptive QAM multi-carrier modulation, the air interface dynamically adapts to a changing radio environment and uses the available spectrum most efficiently. With a radio channel bandwidth of 50 kHz, a gross bit rate of up to 150 kbit / s

and a user data rate of about 80 kbit / s considering overhead and strong error correction are achieved. The DIB - R5 is already prepared for a channel bandwidth of up to 150 kHz to support even higher data rates.

The DIB - R5 Channel Units (transceivers) can be configured to support both, TETRA 1 PSK modulation for voice as well as TETRA 2 QAM modulation for TEDS. This simplifies spare part handling and allows a later upgrade to TEDS.

RF performance

The DIB - R5 supports 3-way receiver (Rx) diversity and highest sensitivity to optimize the base stations radio characteristics and to reduce the number of base stations required to cover a certain area. Different RF distribution system configurations are supported including motor tuned cavity combiner allowing remote frequency change. With its high output power of 25 W PSK modulated with cavity combiner at the antenna connector, reliable coverage is ensured.

Up to four RF carriers are supported in one rack and up to eight carriers with

an extension rack ( for DIB - R5 advanced )

DIB-R5 advanced

The DIB-R5 advanced base station has a modular and flexible design. Main components

are the Channel Units (transceivers), the Base Station Control Unit, the power supply and

the RF splitting- and filtering equipment.

Based on capacity requirements, one up to four Channel Units can be placed in one rack.

A capacity of up to eight carriers can be supported with an extension rack. All components can be accessed from the front and can easily be replaced. RF and power cabling are connected

at the top of the cabinet

Connection to the switch takes place either by Ethernet / IP or over E1. Power supply modules with 48 VDC as well as 110 / 230 VAC provide an absolute flexibility to adapt to any existing environment. Furthermore, the base station is designed to withstand an exceptional temperature range of - 30 °C to + 55 °C for situations where the heating or air condition of an equipment room is faulty.

DIB-R5 compact

The DIB - R5 compact is a more compact 2-carrier version with an integrated hybrid combiner. With very small floor space and the ability to fit into a standard 19 ” rack, installation costs are reduced and the transport to a site is simplified.


If the DIB - R5 should be isolated from the rest of the network, it still provides most of its

features in local fallback mode. Especially security-related features like authentication and

air interface encryption are supported.

All modules can be duplicated and are hot-swappable. Each base station supports transmission link redundancy and can be connected to two switching nodes.

Sites under heavy load can be equipped with up to four control channels (SCCH) to provide additional capacity for signalling, text messaging or location update.

The DIB - R5 can operate with GPS- / Galileo- / Glonass-based synchronisation, but also a permanent operation without satellite-based synchronisation sources is supported. This allows a reliable operation even in underground areas or within buildings without the need of using

an antenna for the reception of a satellite signal.

Key facts 

25 W TETRA 1 / PSK and 10 W TEDS / QAM at the antenna connector 

Transceiver can be programmed to support either TETRA 1 / PSK or TEDS / QAM 

Up to 150 kHz RF radio bandwidth for TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) 

Sophisticated RF distribution system with 3-way diversity 

Motor tuned cavity combiner for DIB - R5 advanced 

Remote software upgrade 

Operation without GNSS / GPS with PTP precision time 

Full redundancy option (controller, transceiver, power supply) 

Operation temperature range - 30 °C to + 55 °C 

Supports distributed switching architecture without central nodes 

Full-functional fallback operation 

All configuration parameters can be set remotely 

Sophisticated jamming detection 

Hot-swap capability for controller and transceiver module


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