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Hytera dispatch system
All Types of Voice Call
Hytera dispatch system supports all types of calls that meet your various dispatching operation needs, including private call, group call and all call. Every dispatcher client console on Hytera dispatch system is able to dispatch up to 8 voice dispatching channels. Through these dispatching channels, Hytera dispatch system can receive all types of calls as well as trigger any type of call through user-friendly and easy-to-operate user interface.
Real-time tracking
This feature allows Hytera dispatch system to track the location of any radio units in real-time. Users have an option to display the location route on the mapping. The tracking interval depends on the location update interval configured in each radio and the channel loading of DMR system. The total number of location tracking activities can be activated at one time, depending on the mapping system and limitation of system resources.
Text messaging
Hytera dispatch system is able to send/receive DMR standard text messages. A text message can be sent to a radio unit or a group message can be sent to a group of radios identified by group ID. Hytera dispatch system provides a user-friendly chat-based GUI for sending and receiving text messages. All incoming and outgoing text messages are stored in the database for later retrieval.