TETRA Portable Terminal
Less than 270g, makes it easier to carry. Only 23mm thin - easily fits in a pocket. Adequate size of function keys and spacing, ensures comfortable operation.
Solid, tough and durable design, guarantees the usability in the most harsh and challenging environments. IP67, Z1p can be used in all weather conditions. 3 watt RF output and DMO repeater, can effectively extend the coverage beyond most radios.
Built-in wireless module, provides convenience in special scenarios. Large 1.8" TFT LCD(65536 colours) screen, brings good visibility even under outdoor strong sunlight.
Enhanced audio output, delivers loud and clear voice, even in the noisiest environments. Complete secure solution, provides AIE and E2EE encryption. Tamper proof capability, offers a high degree of communication security and protect the sensitive speech/data from potential eavesdropper.