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Hytera gave on-site Tetra terminal technology training to Thai End Users

2014-06-24 10:09:36.0

Hytera provided on site Tetra terminal technology training to Thailand end users from 26th May to 12th Jun.

This training was originated by Hytera. The training objects focused on Thailand end users. The local partners participated entirely. The training tour covered four different cities, Ban Hat Yai, Chiengmai, Phuket and Bangkok. Over 40 end user representatives took part in the training. The training content extensively included programming, function demonstration, testing, radio disassembling and assembling and troubleshooting.

This training was going quite well. There were good interaction between Hytera service engineer and Thailand end users. End users benefited a lot from this training. They learned how to use, test and do programming during the training period. The training ended with the expected effect.




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