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Enrich end-user value

Rely on highly available and reliable radio communication, driverless full automatic operation is reachable that operators from the remotely OCC could attend to calls for assistance from passengers and carry essential service like passengers announcements to the trains,video surveillance monitoring activity happening in the train . These will bring end user more value and reduce error mistake, also could profit from low maintenance cost, the flexible expandability and the high frequency by usage of Hytera radio system.

Furthermore, to provide passengers an increasing comfort and bring more potential business advertisement, the Metro could integrates and extensive passenger information system (e.g. displays inside and outside of the vehicle) with more live content by radio broadband transmitting.

All of these applications are bandwidth intensive applications, Need of new technology & more spectrum. 

--infotainment with higher quality & resolution, 

--Bulk data transfer for trains,

--Video-streaming anytime, anywhere.

Hytera is dedicated to provide community with wide-band and multi-media services for train routing operation and passenger smooth experience.


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