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Boost train running efficiency

Easy Drivers Burden with Automatic Talk Group Matching, It will Avoid train drivers constantly changing talk group to contact with dispatcher when entry into station. With this function, there's no more need for driver to select and change the specific group manually, it will automatically switch to the dedicated group intelligently according to the information from ATS.   

It significantly saving driver's time on the operation, and make them focus more on the driving. Drivers could very easily pressing PTT automatically connected to Specific group or Appropriate Dispatcher in OCC .

Boost Operator Efficiency by using fully visual dispatching with Tracking Train position, When unexpected accident comes, operator needs to make fast decision and immediate response to avoid damage and loss.  The real time graphic user interface display on train location, make it easier and save time for operator to implement dispatch on critical services, like broadcast calling , as well as DGNA and message sending .

Operator could address train that provides 

--Mouse Click choosing Train Icon block 

--By logical identities like train No. or locomotive No.

--In a specific group. E.g. all trains in line 1 section 1



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