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MRTA Bangkok, Thailand


The communication system for the Mass Rapid Transportation Authority (MRTA) provides communication for 22 km of underground train tunnel for a high requirement in data communications as well as voice communications. Hytera was awarded in 2002 to build up, operate and transfer this new line radio communication in a challenging time of only 30 months from contract award.


Hytera were responsible for the whole ACCESSNET®-T TETRA radio system. This included planning, delivery, supervision and commissioning of the total tunnel coverage, the design and development of the OCC dispatcher system, on board train computers to interface to the diagnostic system of the train and the interfaces to the signalling dispatcher PABX and voice recorder.

The requirement for the twin borne tunnel is to provide handheld radio coverage inside the trains with doors and windows closed. A professional designed in-house coverage system provides coverage in all tunnel areas as well as in all 18 train stations, which may hold up to four floors.


The system is composed of one DMX-520 and 19 radio base stations to offer secure voice communication for employees. 

The radio system also transmits train location information and train condition data to controller terminals for especially a powerful data exchanging between the train-borne applications and the operation control center (OCC). 

The controller operations center includes the multi-user dispatcher system TRD-500, designed to fulfill the high level requirements of the end-user. The control of the trains change depending on whether a train is on the track site or in the depot area.

In 2009, Hytera was awarded again Airport Link Bangkok (18 train stations) with 9 BS , 2 redundancy switch note , 4 train control specific dispatching system and 120 terminals. 

Voice from user

We herewith have the pleasure to inform you that the TETRA System for the ‘MRT Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line , Bangkok’ is in operational use starting 3-July-2004.

We also confirm that the system is in permanent operation and working to our satisfaction. 

Dr.Sombat Kitjalaksana

Managing Director

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