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Network Optimization

Wireless communication network optimizing boosts margins by maximizing network resource usage to obtain best ROI. Optimizing mechanism including hardware inspection, parameter analysis, field running data collection, modifying the parameters, adjust the network structure could identify the impact of service quality.

Anti-interference: Consideration of authentic propagation models of multi-order intermodulation and multi-path interference will have positive effective in frequency planning, so does the filter and alloy materials used in the RF system which guarantee the noise rejection from other RF resources. 

Coverage Expansion: Coverage prediction promises network rationalization to balance frequency resource and repeater sites. With outdoor solution and indoor solution, entire network infrastructure efficiency would be greatly improved.

Business Equilibrium: Provide information of network status such as network Qos, dropped rate, occupancy, rate or network congestion so that corrective measures such as rerouting or adding more resources can be accomplished to achieve better subscriber experience or enhance devices efficiency.


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