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Intelligent Operation

Hytera provides intelligent management solutions for various fields users. Site Cluster, subscriber legitimate area partition, administrator authority management and more features offer operator complete choices to manage the whole network. 

Authority Management: Authority management boosts daily work efficiency by virtual administrators working without interference, which is extremely suitable for operators’ network that has customers from various companies.

Site & Subscriber Partition: With different scale of network, operators may divide base stations or subscriber to identify legitimate area and obtain abundant billing model with characteristic services

Device Monitoring & Management: Operators can have a clean glance about the working status of channel resource, hardware device, parameters, running data and device information, which is easy for users to get holistic information of the entire network. Convenient daily maintenance and efficient management will be guaranteed.

Alarm Management: Real-time alarms are classified into multi-levels which defined by different colors, will bring convenience to operators to focus on major alarm information which need attendant immediately. SMS alarm and E-mail alarm realize real-time network control.


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