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Hytera Delivered Turn-key Project of DMR Trunking System in Hongkong

2014-09-19 15:26:42.0

Hytera won the bid of DMR Trunking System Project used in one government department in Hongkong in April, 2013 for its stable system, comprehensive and cost-effective function and excellent after-sales service. This project supplied the communication network and the related terminals in the whole Hong Kong area to meet the daily communication and dispatch requirements of Hongkong users.

Hytera made use of its powerful and professional technology to do precise network planning, integrated project design and system customization in Hongkong complex environment with large number of mountains, high-density buildings and poor frequency resources. 95% of the area and all roads were covered in Hong Kong though few stations were set . Coverage results of the signal not only met the design target, but also far went beyond customers’ expectation. Construction cost, spaces and frequency resources were greatly saved.

Hytera provided customized solutions with strong concealment based on customers’ daily work model and the application scene. The device had strong concealment, which greatly ensured the basic law-enforcement officials’ safety.

Hytera spent less than 10 months to complete the construction of Turn-key Project of DMR Trunking System. It has operated and was accepted without any troubles, and  in March, 2014 it started to be put into formal use.

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