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Super Service Partner Competition in 2014

2014-09-24 17:09:28.0

Hytera will give performance assessment to all authorized service centers of terminal products in 2014, in order to provide more professional and considerate service to all end users. 

Hytera's authorized service centers spread all over the world. Totally 32 authorized service centers will take part in the competition this year, including 2 in the America region ,17 in the Asia Pacific region and 13 in EMEA region.

Hytera takes Turn Around Time, Repair Report, Returning Rate and Maintenance Capacity as the key evaluating points.
The total score is 120.
The detailed grading standard is as below.
5-star service center is selected if the score is more than 90.
4-star service center is selected if the score is between 80 to 89
3-star service center is selected if the score is between 70 to 79

Hytera will give recognition and awards to those service centers who performed excellently in the past year.
If you have intension to become Hytera's authorized service center, you are welcome to contact us by sending your email to service@hytera.com.



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