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Hytera Multi-Mode Advanced Radio Receives IOP Certificates

2017-11-24 12:05:46.0

The latest Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio PTC760 has received TCCA Interoperability Certificates following a successful completion of recent IOP testing. 

The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio PTC760 is a revolutionary TETRA-LTE hybrid device offering the ideal platform for critical voice and broadband data services. As the first of its kind, the PTC760 successfully passed the well-developed TETRA IOP process after more than 80 rigorous compatibility tests. The terminal has run with Hytera ACCESSNET®-T IP infrastructure during the IOP testing. 

The PTC760 has the potential to radically improve operational processes in the world of PMR communication by adding greater value to the popular narrowband features. The Hytera radio brings true broadband functionality to PMR users by integrating both technologies in a single, tough, compact handset. 

Hans van der Velden, Product Manager at Hytera stated, “The PMR industry is experiencing a second phase of digitization. PTC760 perfectly meets the requirements of our current and future customers, merging the benefits of narrowband and broadband in one device.” 

The certificates are available to download now


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