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Hytera Partners with Blue Sky Rescue to Improve Relief Efforts

2017-12-27 08:47:39.0

Hytera, a world-leading Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) Communications and Integrated Command and Control (ICC) solutions provider for challenging environments like public safety, emergency response, disaster relief, and anti-terrorism signed a constructive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Blue Sky Rescue (BSR), China's largest non-profit civil rescue organization at BSR’s 10th Anniversary Ceremony held at Yanqi International Convention Center in Beijing on December 14th. The BSR has granted Hytera volunteers with the “BSR Corporate Services Team” status, as Hytera plans to support its employees from over 50 branches around the world to sign up to the cause.


Zhang Yong, Team Leader of BSR, and Guo Tao, Vice President of Hytera Group, signed the Constructive MOU

The celebration brought together government officials, NGO leaders and representatives, and the world’s most influential emergency response experts with more than 3000 BSR volunteers to review and celebrate the growth of BSR over the past decade, and call for collaborations across various boundaries to address the common challenge of emergency response and rescue facing human kind.

Seven Hytera professionals made their pledge and formed the first BSR Corporate Services Team

On December 15th, nearly 100 government and social organization leaders from China and abroad, including emergency rescue experts, academics and business representatives, focused on security and rescue, attended the International Forum sponsored by the BSR. They jointly explored the challenges and opportunities faced by social organizations in international humanitarian action, stressing the importance of strengthening the coordination between different countries which include the national non-governmental forces, social organizations and enterprises along with the government emergency rescue response. The assembled leaders and experts worked together to address the world's increasingly serious and complex security and disaster challenges. The forum had a lively discussion on several topics such as “standardized construction in crisis management", "the role and responsibility of enterprises in humanitarian action", and “combining the expertise and experience of social organization development and humanitarian action".

International guests, domestic guests and 3000 BSR members gather together

“The nature of Hytera business defines our corporate character, and we share the same spirit with BSR of ‘being mission-driven, highly professional and accountable’. We started our cooperation in 2015, by supporting BSR with our PMR equipment in their critical rescue efforts in disasters like the Nepal earthquake, Shenzhen Guangming landslide, Myanmar Flood and Jiu Zhaigou earthquake. Hytera also provides training for BSR volunteers to enable them with the necessary skills of using Hytera PMR equipment in various emergency scenarios. Just like BSR, Hytera is also at a new stage of global development. Hytera started its global journey in 2004, over the past few decades, Hytera has grown into a world leading PMR solution provider through technology innovation and dedication to customer values in the markets where we operate. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility, with nearly 1000 experienced local professionals in Europe we are the largest PMR solution provider for public safety and emergency response and our customers trust us to deliver critical communications. We should all take more responsibility to assist the governments, agencies, NGOs and the local communities to tackle the security challenges facing Europe and many other parts of the world. Partnering with BSR, we will actively participate in the international security and rescue efforts, contributing to local communities. We will leverage our technology leadership and a global team of talents to become a valuable asset to society, and a global corporate citizen, fulfilling our social responsibilities,” said Guo Tao, Vice President, Global Brand, Marketing and Public Affairs, Hytera Group.


"With the signing of this new strategic cooperation agreement with Hytera, we will work together in many new areas, including the joint innovation of emergency communication technology. The cooperation between the BSR and Hytera marks the perfect combination of Chinese volunteerism, altruism and the power of science and technology. On the path of internationalization, we will cooperate with Hytera to unite all the forces that can be brought together, and work in partnership to tackle the increasingly severe and complex security and rescue challenges across the world,” team leader of BSR Zhang Yong concluded.

“Security and emergency response are common challenges faced by mankind around the world. We need multi-nation cooperation between countries, organizations, and industries. We need to integrate the best experience, technologies, standards, and all join forces. I want to quote the Hytera slogan to end this panel discussion, ‘Together, we make the world safer’, said Deng Guosheng, associate dean of innovation and social responsibility research center of the school public management, Tsinghua University.

“BSR has always been actively connecting with international standards, we really appreciate it,” said Chen Hong, member of the United Nations IEC assessment panel.

“In the humanitarian action, BSR has always been a Chinese NGO conforming to the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) standard, I am happy to help BSR boost their development of this international standardization,” said Mario Adlofo Simaz, the leader of SWISSTEAMLEADERS.

Mario Adlofo Simaz spoke at the forum


During the celebration, BSR awarded outstanding members and teams that have contributed to outstanding public welfare efforts, commending them for their excellent performance in the challenging emergency rescue work. BSR formally launched the BSR Standardization Certification System, which marks the gradual progress towards specialization and standardization of the BSR team as a Chinese NGO.

"BSR has already finished many rescues inside and outside the country. Many of us still remember the Wenchuan earthquake and many other disasters that the BSR have responded to. I thank you for your volunteering support in the wake of these disasters, we are happy the BSR assisted the IFRC(International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) to finished the rescue mission. No single country or organizations can handle disasters on this scale alone, every good force need to join hands to cope with it. Here, I would like to borrow your slogan which I saw outside on many of your billboards, which I liked very much because this is the spirit of how we wish to work together. It says, ‘together, we make the world safer’. So we like it when the Red Cross and BSR come together, work together and make the world safer,” Peng Yumei, the Director of IFRC East Asia Office.

Peng Yumei, the Director of IFRC East Asia Office


BSR has always been a "Chinese name card" in the field of public welfare. In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation with countries in the Asia Pacific Region, BSR announced the establishment of a BSR team in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Nepal.

"BSR has been involved in humanitarian relief work several times in Myanmar. They impressed us with their professionalism and dedication, promoting friendship between China and Myanmar. We will cooperate more with BSR on emergency rescue training, in order to enhance Myanmar’s capacity to respond to disasters,” Wu Dingmin, Deputy Interior Minister of Myanmar.

BSR-China exchange gifts with BSR-Myanmar

Patrick Thong, Volunteer Blue Sky Rescue Malaysia "In Malaysia, there used to be no such organization like the Blue Sky Rescue team that can integrate all rescue sectors, such as medical care, fire control, and search and rescue. But Blue Sky Rescue managed to do this in Malaysia."

BSR-China announced the establishment of BSR-Malaysia

BSR constantly extends its service reach, establishing the ”BSR & Enterprise humanitarian capacity building committee” in order to help enterprises build their capacity for emergence rescue support and take more social responsibility. Hytera, focused on enabling safer cities, with emergency response solutions, became the first company to be awarded with the strategic partnership from the BSR, establishing the “BSR & Hytera Service Corps”. The corps will provide BSR with innovative PMR communication, standardization and technical training services to ensure the team have effective communications to operate in disaster relief zones as the professional communication force of emergency rescue.

Hytera was awarded as BSR’s Sole Strategic Partner of Wireless Communications in Rescue Efforts

As the BSR team leader, Zhang Yong (Captain Yuanshan), said in his speech, “On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary, I am honored to present the BSR flag to five international BSR teams and the first enterprise volunteer service team. This is the highest recognition of national policy and companies to BSR, “Never Forget Our Mission, a Decade of Dedication and Hard work”. In the next decade, we continue with our mission promoting the principle of volunteerism, and establishing and promoting the development of civil rescue systems in China, with the purpose of providing a free emergency rescue service for every national. We will achieve this through the construction of more international rescue, ensuring cohesion between more social, international and government organizations, whilst creating and promoting a specialized, standardized and international rescue system, integrating the most advanced technology.

Zhang Yong (Captain Yuanshan), Team Leader of BSR


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