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X1p (UL913)

Intrinsically Safe Mission-critical Digital Radio

Intrinsically Safe Mission-critical Digital Radio

X1p adopts a 1.8" TFT LCD display (65536 colours), allowing good visibility even under outdoor strong sunlight. It is easy to use with the rugged body as thin as 21mm, professional wireless headsets or collar microphone, palm controller and flexible antenna. They radio complies with IP67 requirements, withstanding up to 1m submersion for 30 minutes or more. and it supports Hytera BT accessories: EHW02, BT earpiece; POA47, BT Ring PTT etc.

UL913 and CSA Certificated Explosion-proof Safety
Hytera X1P intrinsic safety radio is designed upon the requirements of USA UL913 and Canada CSA standard, the radio works safely in most hazardous environments with explosive gas and dust particles.
-Advanced encryption
AES encryption algorithm & 256 digit dynamic encryption keys ensure secure communication.
-Supports Hytera BT accessories
The radio supports Hytera BT accessories: EHW02, Bluetooth earpiece; POA47, Bluetooth Ring PTT.
-Open USB interface
Open USB port facilitates secondary and application development.
-GPS positioning
The built-in GPS module supports GIS applications.
-Dual modes (analog & digital)
Dual modes (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog-to-digital migration.
-Versatile voice calls
Versatile voice calls include individual call, group call and all-call.
Vibration alerts the reception of voice call and message.
-Rich signaling
Supports multiple advanced analog signaling, including HDC1200, DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, providing more expansion capacity.
-Software upgradable
Upgradable software enables new features without buying a new radio.
Frequency Range UHF1:400-470MHz;UHF2:450-520MHz;UHF5:806-941MHz;
RF Power Output UHF1/UHF2 High Power: 4W;
UHF1/UHF2/UH5 Low Power: 1W;
UHF5 High Power: 3W (806-870MHz), 2.5W (896-941MHz);
VHF High Power: 5W;
VHF Low Power: 1W;
Channel Capacity 1024
  Battery 1400mAh (Li-ion)
Battery Life (5/5/90) Digital:
12Hours @1400mAh 
9Hours @1400mAh 
Dustproof & Waterproof IP67 Standard 
Dimensions(HxWxD) 120 X 57 X 26mm (1400mAh Li-ion battery) 
Weight about 280g (1400mAh Li-ion battery) 


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