Professional Digital Portable Radio
Digital Noise Cancellation: Crystal Clear Audio
With advanced noise cancellation technology, PD98X is able to deliver crystal clear speech even in environments with high background noise .
Full Duplex: Superbly Efficient Communication
Full duplex call enables bi-directional communication, it provides timely communication in operations-critical situation, ensuring higher efficiency and flexibility.
Single Frequency Repeater: Enhanced Adaptability & Coverage
PD98X can work in repeater mode to provide coverage in remote areas lack of communication signals. When emergency happens, PD98X helps to set up small scale communication network quickly, to provide full coverage for the mission.
IP68: Confront the Harshest Environments
PD98X complies with the highest dust and waterproof standards, to keep components from erosion. Even in the harshest conditions, like rain, snow, sandstorm weather, PD98X still works well, to help frontline personnel fulfill the mission. PD98X functions perfectly under 2 meters water for up to 4 hours.
Smart Battery: Rapid Charge, Ready to Go
With a smart battery and rapid charger, PD98X gains 88% power within one hour, saving half time compared with common battery. This feature brings great convenience when quick action is required