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TETRA Portable Terminal
PT580H Plus
New added features
Distinguished by IP68 compliance, 3W RF output (1.8W for 806-870MHz), clear digital voice, tamper proof protection, built-in BT and GPS positioning, the TETRA portable terminal PT580H Plus will enrich your communication.
Reliable Design
PT580H Plus is designed to comply with Tetra ETSI Standard.MIL-STD-810G,IP68 Dust&Water Protection.These tests ensure that PT580H Plus will stand up to the toughest conditions and environment.
High RF Output Power
PT580H Plus boasts a 3 Watt transmit power, effectively enlarging the workable coverage area, including basements and extending coverage indoors. The radio supports Open Loop Power Control which adjusts the actual transmit power in 5dB steps as needed.
Outstanding Audio
PT580H Plus offers a variety of audio profiles for users,these profiles can meet the needs of different scenarios.Advanced noise suppression technology and AGC algorithm ensure pretty clear voice.
Comprehensive Security Protection
Built-in hardware encryption module provides multiple security protection,keys and encryption algorithms protection.