Hytera DMR Trunking Cube Base Station
Fast Deployment
Wall-mounted; Pole-mounted; Box-mounted; Vehicle-mounted
All in One
Based on multicarrier technology,the Hytera Trunking Cube Base Station is Highly integrated and is able to be powered on to work upon arrival,saving you time and money on installation and deployment.
Software-defined Radio
SDR ensures the station is easy control and offers smooth expansion options.Within the same hardware platform you can control carrier capacity,managing its frequencies via the softwave controller,delivering a flexible user-friendly system.
High-Spectrum Effciency
Based on multicarrier technology,channel spacing is more than 50KHz insteaed of the traditional 250KHz plus.What's more,it can work in DMR trunking simulcast mode,which means all base stations implemented in a single network can adopt the same frequencies.