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Norsat MarineLink™ COM10

Norsat MarineLink™ COM terminals are the latest in a series of maritime VSAT terminals. The MarineLink COM series provides reliable satellite communication at sea with a 2048kb/s downlink and 512kb/s uplink. The MarineLink's 3-axis operating platform and 360 degree high-speed tracking design ensures a reliable link in even the most rugged conditions. With its simple setup and pre-programmed satellite almanac, staff with minimal training can have a MarineLink system up and transmitting in just a matter of minutes.


The Norsat Advantage

Norsat's 30 years of communication expertise is now available at sea. Norsat MarineLink COM terminals offer a complete, sophisticated solution in a userfriendly package. Norsat's well-established support network ensures the highest quality of service and support.


Flexible. Intelligent. Tough.

Norsat MarineLink COM systems offer the highest reception gain available in the market. All MarineLink systems feature Quattro LNBs for maximized global coverage. MarineLink COM systems feature rugged, commercial-grade design and undergo extensive quality and safety tests.

Above Deck

Dish Diameter 100 cm (39”)
Antenna Dimension 151 cm (H) x 139 cm (D) 
Antenna Weight 114 Kg (Based on 4W BUC) 
Radome Material FRP

Tx : 14.0 to 14.5 GHz

Rx : 10.95 ~ 12.75GHz

Antenna Gain

Rx Gain : 39.5 dBi @ 11.7 GHz

Tx Gain : 40.5 dBi @ 14.25 GHz


18.65 dB/K

@ 30deg. Elevation angle and 11.7GHz Frequency


4W, 6W, 8W (option)


Linear / Internal PLL

Operating Platform 3-Axis
Skew Control Automatic (-95˚ to +95˚)
Elevation Angle -20˚ to +105˚
Azimuth Angle Unlimited
Cross Angle ±35˚
Ship Motion Roll : ±35˚ / Pitch : ±15˚
Tracking Speed More than 90˚/sec.
Vibration Damper  Wire Rope Isolator
Temperature -20˚ to +55˚ 
Humidity Up to 100% @ 40˚
Antenna Input Power

Tx : 48VDC, 3.2A

Rx : 48VDC, 2.3A

Below Deck

ACU Size

19” Rack 1U size

External I/O

RS232C, mini-USB, Ethernet

Gyro Interface NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step
Input Power 100 to 240V~, 50/60Hz, 4.5A
Output power 

Tx : 48VDC, 3.2A

Rx : 48VDC, 2.3A



158 x 158 x 174 cm

Gross Weight


Packed by Wooden Crate
Certification / Qualification MIL-STD167, Intelsat, CE0678
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