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E-pole is digital wireless ad hoc repeater that adopts the wireless interconnection technology and can provide long term, stable and large scale wireless communication coverage. It eliminates the wiring problems and greatly reduces maintenance costs. E-pole can be pole-mounted or wall-mounted. It is of the same function of E-pack but different application scenarios.

  • Pole-mounted or wall-mounted
  • Up to 32 nodes Network
  • Fast interconnection to E-pack
  • Standard DMR Tier II DMO





Private Network Mode DMR Tier II
Network capacity 32
Power Input

90-264V AC/11.4-16.8V DC

Backup battery life 3-5 minutes
Frequency 136-174MHz, 350-400MHz, 410-470MHz
Output Power 5W/10W/20W
Vocoder AMBE++/NVOC
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Dimensions 316mm x 223mm x 133mm
Weight 7.3kg
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