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GTW-836C is a mobile repeater integrating functions of the repeater and link unit. It can provide repeating services for the remote group on the operation site. Interconnecting to communication devices (such as the cell phone), or fixed or temporary networks, such as MPT/DMR trunking, DMR digital and analog conventional, GTW-836C provides temporary converage, real-time communication, and remote dispatch services in remote areas, by using the public network or satellite links. With trolley case design, the GTW-836C is easy to use and carry.

  • Tough drawing case
  • Integrated design (Case, repeater, GSM, battery, antenna, operation panel, etc.)
  • Power on for fast deployment
  • 2 large capacity battery
  • Standard DMR Tier II RMO
  • 20W large output power


Battery voltage 13.6±15%V DC (rated)
Adapter input voltage 100-240V AC (50/60Hz)
Battery capacity

10AH x 2

Dimensions (LxWxD) 43.2cm x 47.5cm x 24cm
Weight 18 kg (including battery & accessories)
Dimensions (without handles, LxWxD) 48.5cm x 35.6cm x 16cm
Ingress Protection Rating IP55
Frequency 400-470MHz, 350-400MHz, 136-174MHz
Mode DMR Tier II/Analogue Mode
Channel Capacity 16
Antenna impedance 50Ω
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