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Motorcycle Wireless Console RCS-01

It is an audio accessory that allows you to achieve convenient communication while riding a motorcycle.

*Connect to the mobile radio through BT and display information from the mobile radio in real time;
*Compatible with both wired and wireless earpieces;
*Easy installation without modifying the motorcycle
Applicable Radios: MD650;MD780
Display: 2.9"
Display contrast: 450 Lumi
Dimensions: 135 mm x 69 mm x 16.5 mm
Operating temperature: –30℃ to 65℃
Storage temperature: –40℃ to 85℃
Input voltage: 12–24 V DC
Installation: fixing bracket
Communication distance: 8–10 m
IP rating: IP55
Weight: 270 g
Certification: FCC, CE, IC, and E-MARK
Standard compliance: Bluetooth V4.0
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