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TR-800 is a compact, extensive specification 45-Watt Base Station / Repeater that enhances your analog conventional system seamlessly and cost effectively. Desktop design, remarkable flexibility and outstanding reliability make the TR-800 suit a wide variety of applications and can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure. The radio configuration offers you maximum expansion of communication range without compromising on performance at a low cost.
Integrated Front Panel with Repeater Controller
The logic and audio circuitry is integrated with display unit in a single control panel, which provides smart and simple access to both radios inside. The front panel LEDs show real-time condition of the TR-800.
Sleek & Compact Desktop Design
The TR-800 suits any office location, and allows convenient access for system adjustments.
Powerful, Varied Speed and Thermal-controlled Fan
A 4.7" brushless fan mounted on the back and the front vent-slot provide good ventilation for the transmitter. The fan is thermal-controlled for quiet performance and enhanced efficiency.
Optional AC, DC Power Supply
The TR-800 provides a wide range of AC mains input to accommodate local standard
  • Standard accessories
  • Optional accessorie
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