About Hytera Headquarters

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications equipment and solutions. Founded in 1993 in China, we're dedicated to bringing the most value-added and user-centric solutions to organisations across the world, to help them meet the demands of their modern workforce.

We believe, together with our ecosystem, we can make the world safer. We will realize this vision through continuous innovation, dedication to customer values, and sustainable contributions to the communities where we operate.

About Hytera MENA (Middle East & North Africa)

Hytera expanded into the Middle East market and established its first office in Dubai, UAE in April 2012. Four years later, it became Hytera Communications FZCO with the sales network covering from Gulf Countries, North African countries, to Turkey and other Arabic-speaking countries. The company serves customers like Abu Dhabi Police, Aramco, Vodafone and etc, and has accounted for over 70% in the market share of providing PMR products for utility and commercial sector through a decade of efforts in exploring local market, supporting product promotion, and serving local communities.

Hytera MENA has operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Amman, and Istanbul.

Our portfolio of devices, systems and software applications offer voice, video and data services, providing fast, safe and reliable connectivity solutions for mission- and business-critical communications. Our solutions enable customers to do more with less, by improving efficiency and raising productivity of day-to-day operations.

Our solutions are also a highly dependable means of communicating in an emergency, offering a more effective response, as well as keeping staff and the wider public safer.

We’re also dedicated to actively promoting the establishment of open global professional and private communication network standards, from narrowband to broadband, including analog, MPT1327, TETRA, DMR and LTE.

And with our wide product portfolio, we can deliver the individual requirements and features our customers need. Our highly integrated convergence solution gives customers the best of both narrowband and broadband technology on a single platform, achieved through its cutting-edge, multi-mode advanced radio terminals, infrastructure and management software.

Hytera Strength

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    Efficient and effective manufacturing processes

    We’re committed to delivering products of not only the highest quality and reliability but also ones that meet the unique requires of our customers. Our smart factory in China uses intelligent warehousing and logistics systems, to provide the most efficient and effective manufacturing processes. And our facility in Spain, offers a mind-blogging range of product customisations, to meet the specific needs of our many European and American customers.

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    Leading edge companies

    As well as Hytera, there are also a range of other leading-edge companies within our umbrella. Sepura, in the UK, manufactures a leading brand of TETRA terminal products. Teltronic, in Spain, is famous for developing TETRA systems in the rail industry. Norsat, in Canada, is the world's leading provider of professional satellite communications solutions. Sinclair, also in Canada, is the world's leading smart antenna brand. And HYT provides analog products under the Hytera name.

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    Together, we believe we can make the world safer

    We will realise this vision through continuous innovation, dedication to customer values, and sustainable contributions to the communities where we operate.

    We will continue to leverage our technology leadership and a global team of professionals to help organisations with on-demand, mission-critical communications in all scenarios, from daily command and control to emergency response, disaster relief, and anti-terrorism efforts.

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    Our Promise: Respond & Achieve

    We provide a full portfolio of leading PMR and Integrated Command & Control solutions to increase customers’ situational awareness, collaboration and response rate.

    Our experienced teams are proud to support government agencies and commercial organisations around the world facing increasingly complex and demanding situations in the most challenging environments.

Hytera Brand


Brand Story

The company established "HYT" brand in 1993, after 17 years of development, brand capacity and business performance have changed profoundly. The company initiated the global brand strategy, the new brand inherits the historical glory of the original brand "HYT", and adds "era", which represents the company will lead the professional communications industry into a new era. In 2010, the "Hytera" brand was officially launched.

Hytera has devoted and witnessed the development of professional communications industry, also represents the new and cutting-edge technological strength of it, and will bring better communications experiences to more industry users.


Brand Core

Insight: With insights into the industry & user scenarios, we develop products for customers to tackle challenges for now and the future.
Innovation: Based on the needs of the industry, we keep investing heavily in R&D and introducing innovative products and solutions across different communication standards and technologies. 
Initiative: We take the initiative to enhance safety and increase efficiency with technologies. Our employee, partner and customer contribute and share value through win-win cooperation.

Hytera Management Principles

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    Promoting customer focus through continuous improvement

    The orientation of our customer focus establishes both services and solutions that are a strong contributor to the overall success of our mission-critical systems.

    The overall satisfaction through various feedback channels, enhances the organisations ability to determine our customer’s requirements - aligned with the common understanding of consistent product and service delivery.

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    Integrating Accountability and Commitment

    Our leadership is where our organisation recognises the core principles which form the basis for guiding, empowering and supporting the constant pursuit of excellence from our employees through knowledge of process variations and appreciation of an interconnected management system.

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    Promoting people effectively to reach our strategic goal

    By engaging all employees in the goals of our business, staff can establish an alignment of purpose, reinforced by the influence of our senior leadership team. People at every level of our organisation are driven to lead from the front, directing their fellow colleagues and aligning business strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

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    Integration of process interactions

    Our organisation has established a clear end-to-end (E2E) process across our entire business enterprise. Our E2E activities can lead to dramatic enhancements in performance, enabling our organisation to deliver greater value to customers in ways that also generate higher profits for shareholders. And it allows us to become more flexible and consistent in the delivery of products, services and solutions to our clients

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    Adoption of improvement innovation

    We value the constant pursuit of improvement, and trust in the ability of our community to make decisions that support this goal. We want to build a culture of continual improvement and innovation across our industry. Our quality directive facilitates and supports how we, as a collective, use quality improvement approaches and balanced methodologies.

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    Reducing prescriptive demand and replacing with performance-based equipment

    To ensure we maintain and manage a sustainable flow of maintainable requirements, we determine, measure and monitor key indicators that demonstrate our organisation’s performance. Our policy ensures that all data that is needed is available to the relevant people and documented, and that the information is sufficiently accurate, reliable and secure.

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    Improving alignment amongst management system conformance

    Our sustained success is achieved by managing relationships with all of our interested parties - working collaboratively, we aim to optimise their impact and overall performance. By onboarding a supplier and partner networks, and through the benefits of ongoing relationship management, our organisation can understand the goals and values amongst our interested parties, and therefore create value by sharing resources and competency while managing quality-related risk.

Hytera History

  • 1993

    • Shenzhen HYT Technology Co., Ltd. (as Hytera was formerly known) established in Shenzhen

  • 1995

    • First self-developed commercial radio C160 launched

  • 2003

    • Acquired Harbin Qiaohang, completed terminal-to-system strategic transition
    • Became qualified supplier of UN Procurement

  • 2004

    • Founded the first offshore subsidiary in US

  • 2006

    • R&D for digital products and solutions
  • 2007

    • Held the 40th TETRA International Technology Forum
    • TC1600 was selected into FORTUNE magazine's "25 most successful product designs in 2007"

  • 2008

    • Industrial design work "Tree Ring" won the German Red Dot design award

  • 2009

    • Continue to cultivate the vertical market: SEG Communications jointed into Hytera

  • 2010

    • Global brand strategy initiated and officially renamed Hytera

  • 2011

    • Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • 2012

    • Acquired Germany’Rohde & Schwarz PMR, strengthened global influence in TETRA
    • Acquired German company FED, establishing the second largest research and development base in Germany
    • Was selected as Forbes' list of "2012 China's most potential listed companies"

  • 2013

    • Acted as the major force R&D for the PDT standard, the digital trunking standard with independent intellectual property rights

  • 2014

    • R&D for LTE products and solutions

  • 2015

    • Hytera College was founded
      Won the "the most sustainable innovated listed company in China"

  • 2016

    • Launched the world’s first radio terminal with the highest intrinsic safety level "ia"
    • Launched the “New Integrated Solution” realizing seamless integration of broadband and narrowband

  • 2017

    • Acquired Sepura Group UK, becoming more competitive globally in TETRA, public security and railway transportation
    • Acquired Canadian Norsat International Inc., entering the satellite communications market
    • Launched industry-leading integrated broadband-narrowband multi-mode radio terminals and iBS broadband-narrowband system
    • Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens to build a model of intelligent manufacturing
    • Awarded as International reputation brand by the United Nations
  • 2019

    • Won the China Patent Award
      PTC760 won the best broadband convergence terminal award in CCW2019

  • 2020

    • Released 5G industrial applications and PoC solution, and 5G interference solution in satellite communications

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