Emergency Communication Solution

Hytera emergency solutions, including broadband and narrowband solution, sets up a secure, non-of-sight wireless link-on-demand to enable front line responders to communicate with on-site command center in complicated environment. The network deployment is flexible.The kinds of industries which use emergency services include transportation, security, energy, utilities, construction, local government organisations and others.


Sudden disasters can be unpredictable and avoided only by responding quickly and minimizing casualties. Infrastructure may also be damaged. There is no communication network. Therefore, the most urgent need to set up a temporary communication network for search and rescue personnel to quickly respond to the precious multimedia information to the headquarters.

Hytera Body Worn Camera Solutions

Hytera provides a complete solution for law enforcement to manage the body worn camera and digital evidences from the field to the court. The solution includes the traditional or 4G/LTE body worn cameras, evidence management, and Command Dispatch system, building an eco-system of law enforcement for you.

Core Values

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    Fast Deploy

    Experiencing the aftermath of a crisis, Hytera digital wireless ad-hoc repeater can be turned on and use, flexibly deploy and establish a network in a shot time from bottom up.

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    On-site Command

    Hytera on-site command can display location of fast deploy units and issue command and orders according to the status, which is extremely useful for on-site operation.

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    Multiple Interconnection

    Interconnection with Tetra, DMR, LTE, Analog Radios, public networks etc., providing seamless command control and communication across different agencies via voice, video and data.


Case Studies

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