Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera

Hytera provides a complete solution for law enforcement to manage the body worn camera and digital evidences from the field to the court. The solution includes the traditional or 4G/LTE body worn cameras, evidence management, and Command & Dispatch system, building an eco-system of law enforcement for you.


Terrorism and crime are great challenges in the 21st century. This is a time when nations need to pull together and present a unified front against terror groups. An increase in crime rate will decrease GDP. It has been well established that violence has a marked negative impact on economic activity and social development. Results stemming from the analysis of IEP (Institute for Economic and Peace) suggest that the economic impact of violence containment to the world economy is significant, amounting to $9.46 trillion per annum, or almost 11 percent of world GDP.

Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are seen as one way to address the challenges and law enforcement practice more generally. The technology offers real-time or recorded information when used by officers on assignments that bring them into contact with members of the community. BWC also provides law enforcement with a mobile surveillance tool to promote officer safety and efficiency and deter crime.



Hytera Body Worn Camera

Hytera with over 20 years experience in public safety is unwavering in meeting the demands of its customers. It has independently developed a series of body worn cameras, from traditional to 4G/LTE body worn cameras, and launched a comprehensive solution including the body worn camera, integrated device station and digital evidence management platform. Hytera therefore established its own independent solution eco-system and is able to provide a complete video law enforcement solution.

*Note: Hytera body worn cameras and video recording devices are not authorized to be marketed in the US. 


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Highlights of Body Worn Camera

Rugged and Durable
The IP68 certified. The product is fully protected from dust and water-proof. It can also withstand 2 meters drop.
Improve Situational Awareness
Stream live video from the camera to the command and control center over 4G network. Provide positioning services by using GPS, BDS, and indoor BT. Serve as a push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radio. Deliver loud and clear audio with the high-power speaker.
Intelligent Apps
Running on Android, the product integrates AI algorithms to support multiple customized applications such as license plate recognition.

Videos of Body Worn Camera

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