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With the large-scale deployment of 4G networks around the world, mobile Internet and smartphone sectors develop rapidly. At present, the simple voice communication can no longer meet the diverse needs of users. Users have greater demands for multimedia service applications such as images, videos, and positioning. At the same time, users hope to achieve long-distance communication, getting rid of the shackles of distance.


Hytera offers a one-stop PoC solution consisting of PoC radios, mobile applications, and dispatch and management platforms. This solution delivers versatile services including instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many Push-To-Talk, full-duplex voice and video calls, map-based dispatch, and instant messaging over public networks. Applicable to various scenarios, it features low cost, high security, easy deployment, and enhanced reliability. With standard API interfaces, Hytera PoC radio is open to third-party applications and platforms for customization.


  • Mobile Surveillance Solutions for Security
  • Hytera Effictive Communication and Mobile Surveillance Solutions for Security

    For this industry, safety is the top priority. How to fast react to threats, perform flawlessly without compromising the safety of property or personnel is a big challenge for private security companies. It is critical that the security team communicates instantly and efficiently.

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