Our Service Support Team at Hytera is committed to helping customers get the best possible pre and after-sales support that is needed in a timely, efficient way. Our service desk serves as the point of contact for any technical issues related to Hytera devices. Our team comes with decades of experience for identifying, co-ordinating, and managing requests and delivering resolutions to the highest standards.

Our Service Offer

                                                        Our Service Support Team can provide helpful solutions for your Hytera devices, accessories, and systems.

Engineering Construction Service


          Service Repairs (RMA's)
Our team are here to deliver quick reliable service for any faulty radio devices according to its warranty policy and firmware upgrades.

Engineering Construction Service

             Technical Support

A team of multi-disciplinary and skilled engineering experts

Engineering Construction Service


New Licence Enquiries
Our helpful Service Support Team can process any customer request or enquiries for licences and also offers an installation service. All licence enquiries can be supported.


Spare parts

Spare parts for existing or new devices can be supplied. Hytera Resellers can order spares via the partner portal with ease. For any other spare parts enquiries please speak to us for assistance.

Useful links

Warranty Query: For warranty queries please email service@hytera.com

FAQs: Please click here to view our FAQ page.

Download Center: Our download center is available to Hytera direct partners. click here to log in. 

Tech Support and Fault Reporting: For technical support or to report a fault please email service@hytera.com

Spares: For information about spare parts please email: marketing@hytera.com

Service Desk: To contact our Service desk please email: service@hytera.com

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