The Introduction

Hytera implemented a HyTalk PoC radio and dispatching system at EMCO’s coal mine on Sakhalin Island using a commercial LTE operator’s network. The solution has greatly improved capacity and coverage across the site to support voice and data services, which are enhancing the efficiency of mining operations.


The East Mining Company (EMCO), written in Russian as Vostochnaya Mining Company (VGK), operates the open cast Solntsevsky coal mine situated in the Uglegorsk district of Sakhalin Island in the far east of the Russian Federation.


The mine is one of the key employers in the Sakhalin region. EMCO now employs more than 1,000 staff and the company provides jobs for more than 700 employees of contractors and subcontractors operating in the Uglegorsk district. EMCO is a major exporter of brown coal to countries in the Asia-Pacific region through its port at Shakhtersk on the west coast of Sakhalin Island.


East Mining Company (EMCO)

Market Segment


Project Time

3Q 2021


PNC370 PoC hand portable radios


The Challenge

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    EMCO was using an old analog radio communication system. However, the sharp increase in the amount of equipment and new processes being deployed and the rising numbers of personnel meant that the existing analog radio system needed replacing. The analog equipment constantly required additional maintenance, as well as the periodic renewal of licenses for radio frequencies.


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    The network could no longer provide enough capacity. This problem was exacerbated as some employees would unintentionally occupy the entire communication channel by holding the call button down, thereby limiting the ability of other staff to communicate. All of which meant the analog radio network was no longer fit for purpose, so a new communications system was required.

The Solution

Hytera, together with its partner Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (MTS), proposed a unified dispatching system using Hytera Hytalk Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) technology, which would operate over the commercial LTE technology network used by employees of the Solntsevsky coal mine.


Hytera Hytalk PoC is a multimedia mission critical communication solution, which interconnects narrowband and broadband communication systems. The system provides extensive voice, video and data services, and also provides other functions including mobility, call, resource allocation and media scheduling.


MTS built two LTE base stations and installed three remote sectors to ensure broadband coverage at the coal mine. The units can be re-sited to enable full coverage to be maintained as the mine expands and the topography changes over time.


More than 150 Hytera PNC370 LTE PoC hand portable terminals were provided for field staff and more than 250 Hytera MNC580 LTE PoC mobile radios were installed in mining vehicles for use by excavator and truck drivers.


The PNC370 is a secure PoC terminal, which provides uninterrupted 3G/4G/WLAN coverage. It is equipped with a PTT button and an emergency call button to facilitate continuous communication and increase safety. The MNC580 LTE PoC mobile terminal is a professional-grade communication device, which enables secure communication inside the vehicle.


Hytera also provided a unified dispatching system, which enables EMCO to manage each call, record conversations, locate the subscriber, or groups of subscribers, using in-built GPS location services, and so on. Supervisors and dispatchers in the mine control room can see the exact position of personnel and the vehicle fleet displayed on maps on their screens, allowing them to manage the whole mining operation with greater efficiency.

The Benefits

Hytera helped solve EMCO’s communication problems by providing them with a cost effective broadband solution operating over a commercial LTE network. The solution solved the radio capacity issues that were hindering efficient management of the mine.


The professional Hytera PoC solution provides instant push-to-talk communications supporting individual and group voice, location services, data transmission and broadband Internet access. The PoC devices also offer personal safety features such as a dedicated alarm button.

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