Kinmen, governed by the Taiwan, is the strategic stronghold between the mainland and Taiwan. It is located on west side of Taiwan Strait and at southeast of Fujian province across the sea.
With the shortest distance away from the mainland, Mashan (in Kinmen) and Jiaoyu (in Fujian) are only 2,310m apart. For historical reasons, many tunnels and air-raid shelters had been dug in advance.
With the alleviation of the relationship between the mainland and Taiwan, the tunnels and air-raid shelters have been developed by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County into destinations for tourists; therefore, the higher requirements on the emergency communications andrapid response in the tunnels are suggested.


Taiwan Cultural Bureau of Kinmen, China

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PD78X Portable Radio

MD78X Mobile Radio

Hytera dispatch system

Customer's Requirement

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    In the sightseeing tunnels in Kinmen, the communication devices like the mobile phones in public network cannot work, even the common walkie talkie cannot communicate with the outside world; and the humid environment in the tunnel can easily damage the general communication devices.
    How to maintain the timely and reliable communications in case of emergency is a significant challenge to the customer.
    Therefore, the customer wanted a complete communications solution applicable in such adverse situation to be applied in all sightseeing tunnels under management, including communication terminal, management system, network establishment and the like. A sightseeing tunnel with 1 km in length was selected. 26 points were set in the tunnel, and an emergency call device would be distributed at each point, the communication in the tunnel would be maintained via leakage cable.
    And a dispatching center would be established outside of the tunnel, with a view to monitor the communications throughout the tunnel. The tourist could use the nearest communication device to call the dispatching center under an emergency situation. 4 communication devices were established outside the tunnel to provide services for patrol personnel. Besides, the customer preferred digital communications.

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    As part of the modernization program, the Bureau wanted to upgrade the communication and incident recording solutions available to customs staff. It wanted to implement a body worn camera (BWC) system to provide daily recordings and real time viewing capabilities.

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    The BWC solution was needed to capture video evidence, so the footage could be used to review incidents. BOC also wanted to deploy BWCs at ports throughout the Philippine archipelago to enhance its monitoring activities.

The Solution

Hytera focused on the practicality of the solution based on the requirements of the customer.
1. Considering high humidity in the tunnel, PD78X DMR portable radio with IP57 water protection was selected as the communication terminal. A waterproof box in which PD78X would operate was added for better protection and the communication was conducted with the hand-held microphone
connecting to PD78X, through out of the waterproof box.
2. The customer wanted the communication terminal operating in uninterrupted stand-by state. The common conventional batteries, however, cannot comply with the requirement due to their limited service time. As a result, Hytera and its agent designed specially a battery box to supply the power
directly when being connected to DC, thus such trouble was eliminated for good.
For effective management, Hytera proposed the Hytera dispatch system, and tailored some special functions on the basis of existing software for the project:
1. GPS positioning is not demanded in this project. Instead, it uses map provided by the customer. 26 points distributed evenly in the tunnel. As they are installed in fixed positions, the locations are not necessary to be identified. All the 26 PD78X radios can communicate with the console via individual
2. To monitor the terminal status, the console should back-check the status of the radios (on/off line) following the sequence from No.1 to 26 by the Hytera dispatch system. The amount of data required to be processed is limited as only one or two back-checks are needed every day, thus only one MD78X, which acts as a gateway, and one console client are required in this configuration.
3. In addition, there are 4 PD78X to be used by patrol guards. Managed by Hytera dispatch system, they are tailored in consistency with the above 26 radios, yet they only need to communicate with the console.



1. The water-proof and moisture-proof problem was solved for the equipment in the tunnel. The similar products used by the customer previously had to be replaced within less than one year due to the humid environment in the tunnel, resulting in excessive expense in cost. Hytera PD78XG
radios, are featured with excellent water-proot protection. And the waterproof box designed specially by Hytera further improved its water-proof and moisture-proof protection and saved significantly the cost for the customer.
2. The problem of power supply for the equipment in the tunnel was solved. The battery box designed by Hytera can be connected directly to DC for supply, thus 100% uninterrupted operation of the radios can be guaranteed. The reliability of emergency communications in the tunnel was maximized .
3. The operation and management efficiency is improved significantly due to the Hytera dispatch system customized for this project. Moreover, the emergency handling scheme was rather consistent with the requirements of the customer.

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