Hytera ICC Solution

For police, fire, emergency and other public safety management departments, provide a full range of products and solutions such as intelligent response and handling, visual command and dispatch, major event security, integrated dispatch console, and integrated communication support system, covering the entire business process of the command center and Application scenarios, and provide the overall construction plan of the command center.

Various ways of alarm receiving

To get the alerts and alarms instantly and collectively, besides legacy alarm call, Integration Platform solution also supports SMS alarm, social media alarm, video surveillance, pre-warning alert.

Supporting flexible workflow and agency deployment

The incident created in the call taking & handling system can be forwarded to the Attendance and Response Registration for dispatch. The clients can be deployed in the same agency or in different agencies to support both unified and separate call takers and dispatchers.

GIS map-based event dynamic analysis

Unified GIS map-based incident-relevant and situational status information display, including but not limited to dynamic resource management, real-time viewing of available field unit and division resources comprising of officers, hand-held/carried/vehicle-mounted radio devices, CCTV cameras, police stations, jurisdictional areas, IoT sensors, critical buildings/campus, etc.

Unified communication platform

Unified communication platform integrating all sorts of private mobile radio systems and terminals, public telecommunication, IP network, CCTV systems, with GPS poll and map data, to fulfil unified communication, as well as dispatch across different platforms and devices.

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