Rail Transportation Dispatch

The solution is dedicated for rail transport, consists of dispatch system, network management system, fixed radios, trainborne radios and integrates with the rail transport signal system to dispatch train according to locations. Deliver reliable and secure platform for intercommunication among drivers, dispatchers, and staff at the station, and management train status in real time. Helps to keep trains running on time and respond to emergency incidents quickly.

Outstanding Reliability and Fault-tolerance Capability

Dual-Link structure for Non-Stop operation and redundancy hot switch for all network management.

Variable Customization

Tailored and modularized design enable the configurable application and development responding to customers' ever changing requirements, bring drivers, respective dispatchers and other fixed users into closer communications and more effective work.

Fully Visually Dispatching with Tracking Train Position

The real time graphic user interface display on train location, make it easier and time-saving time for operator that dispatching server connecting to both ATS and RFID system to make train location more accurate.

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